Monday, August 27, 2012

The Look of 21st Century Learning

Blythwood, SC has stepped into the 21st Century by creating a new high school, complete with optimal learning opportunites designed to prepare students for the future. From a brief description of the new school one can sense the kind of school that is awaiting kids this year. "The 70-inch televisions in every classroom are just the beginning. Two visual arts classrooms are loaded with pottery wheels and kilns. Sixteen science labs have hydraulic simulators and wind tunnels. The band room has computer-assisted practice rooms. The TV studio rivals some TV stations. While Westwood's features look good in brochures and on TV, teachers say their real purpose is opportunity. (bold by the blogger) "The look on it is very traditional, but when you come inside, I hope people see that it's 21st century," said Principal Ralph Schmidt. "It's about engaging students and making them self-directed learners." Schmidt doesn't expect his students to master aerodynamics or firefighting -- that's offered as a class too -- he wants them to get a taste of it."
What a tremendous tribute to this community's desire to push ahead and prepare students for 21st Century learning. Recognize the key thought though, as expressed by teachers..." the real purpose is opportunity." It isn't about the technology, or the design of new classrooms. It's about "opportunity" for students and teachers in creating a new learning environment, trying something different, and getting kids ready for the future. This is the true aim of 21st Century learning, not the toys, but the way we play or learn. 
Kudos to this school community for stepping into the dynamic learning of the future.

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