Friday, September 7, 2012

Connecting With Kids

In the school district I worked in as superintendent, we had a dynamic, energetic principal that fulfilled the model of the outstanding elementary principal. Mr. K. was the first person at the buses in the morning greeting each and every student by name, and he was the last person ushering them off to their buses to go home at the end of the day. In between he was in the classrooms, the lunch room, the hallways, and as much a part of the school as every employee in the building. His personality radiated throughout the elementary school neighborhood community and he was an important role model for the entire school community.

In many ways his model of school leadership is desirable and wanted more and more by parents in our schools today, than ever before. The warm, affable character of a principal-leader is what inspires students and faculty.

In a wonderful blog post on August 25, 2012 called the The Principal of Change, George Couros outlines the "6 Ways Principals Can Connect With Students".

  1. Welcome the kids when they arrive. Wave goodbye when they leave.
  2. Your first interaction with a student should be a positive one.
  3. Talk as little as possible.
  4. Use humor to deal with situations any chance you can.
  5. Do the walk.
  6. Kids will love you if they know you love them.
These simple suggestions will make a big difference to your leadership.

Here's hoping every child will feel welcomed in your school this week.