Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unlocking Our Students Potential

We had an excellent first day of the ISTE 2011 Conference in Philadelphia. The theme of the conference is "Unlocking the Potential", and we heard that echoed in so many ways by the various speakers at the general session. Beginning with host Mario Armstrong who echoed the idea that teachers are actually "secret agents" on a desperate mission to unlock the potential of children against the challenges of the economy, the APPR, NCLB, and our elected leaders!

The current educational system kills the dreams of children. We need to work within the system but to challenge it. The unconventional, can become the conventional. Creativity, innovation  and being incredible. Igniting the passion of children and turning on their learning. Education needs an overhaul.

And with that challenge I believe we need to encourage each teacher to accept one new initiative this year and challenge the system.

We need to become fearless as educators,  and reclaim our dream. Renew your dream and renew your promise as an inspiring teacher.

Professional Development for a Superintendent

Superintendents need professional development. As a 21st Century school leader, that is exactly how I am beginning the summer, right after graduation. I am sinking my proverbial professional development molars into the ISTE conference in Philadelphia, PA. It's amazing that more people do not take advantage of going to such a stimulating conference. I hear that only 12,000 people from around the world are here. Well, 12,000 people will be enlightened to learn the newest and greatest ideas on technology, data driven decision making, 1:1 learning system, a keynote by Steven Covey, and another by Johm Medina.

I will be covering the conference for all of my blog fans, so stay in touch and keep the faith.