Thursday, November 22, 2012

Economic Suicide: Learning from the Twinkie

This Thanksgiving Day in the USA, I cannot help but be perturbed by the news from the world of organized labor that a union would kill off the company providing jobs to their union membership, holding out for more money, benefits and compensation the employer was unable to provide. Imagine the insensitivity of union leaders for leading a rampage of destruction for their membership, and destroying a company in the process. Have they not heard of compromise and negotiation?

" I have a natural sympathy for working men and women, but I can’t respect a union that would kill off the Twinkie and their own jobs due to a false sense of pride." (1)

Public sector unions that represent employees in school districts tend to be more understanding than this union that brought down the Hostess Baking Company, at least right now. My dealings with unions that represent school employees have always been constructive and supportive, surrounding the central mission of educating children. How fortunate our schools are to have dedicated people in these  organizations.

The economy is not good, but it cannot self destruct through selfish behaviors, and people need to show some retraint in their demands if it means the destruction of businesses or public institutions. Let's hope we can see better times ahead with balanced leaders in these labor movements.

(1)Hendriksen, Mark. Forbes, "Shame On The Gluttonous Bakery Union Members, Blasted Twinkies Killers." Last modified 2012. Accessed November 22, 2012.