Friday, March 2, 2012

Wanted: Dragon Slayers

Thomas Friedman, NYTimes columnist, opened his column today (2/29/2012) with the following: "In medieval times, areas known to be dangerous or uncharted were often labeled on maps: 'BEWARE, HERE BE DRAGONS'." (

In education there have been many such dangerous, uncharted areas. The dragons of danger include everything from assessments to measure teacher effectiveness, teacher accountability reforms, student accountability reforms, budget wars, reductions in work force, state aid issues, reforms to teacher pension systems, and Michelle Obama's efforts to hold school cafeteria food accountable! There are many dragons confronting our schools, our teachers and our students. It seems when there are threats, such as these dragons, we need to be even more vigilant.

So, who are the dragonslayers that will defeat these threats to quality educational practice?

Who will rise defiant as St. George to defend all that is riven with heroic tenacity and splendor against the obnoxious threats of political dragons pervading our times?

Until then, we must endure, and continue the fight against morbid political interest and teach children what is necessary to create a new future.