Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Leading from the front...

In a recent article in Forbes regarding leadership and management, it is curious to note the following excerpt that encapsulates the spirit of this idea. “Managing in any organization is no cakewalk but when you are responsible for the lives of those you lead, you had better do more than manage. You need to lead them. And that starts with your example.” (Baldoni, 2013)

            I am often asked what steps do school leaders need to model this example, and having recently read a wonderful book on the subject I share the steps Morgan & Lynch (2006) describe on this very topic:

1)             Meet and exceed the standards you ask of others- lead from the front.
2)             Make timely decisions- find 80 percent solution
3)             Seek to take responsibility before you begin to place blame
4)             True leaders dedicate themselves to service- take care of those you lead
5)             Think before you act- especially before you overreact
6)             When faced with a crisis- aviate, navigate, communicate
7)             Courage + initiative + perseverance +integrity = success
8)             Don’t cry over something that won’t cry over you
9)             Say you’re sorry only when you’re at fault
10)          Always lead as you are. (Morgan, 2006)

All of these steps are worthwhile to consider in following a revitalized perspective in order to lead others. They should be a guide for leaders to consider in managing the day-to-day cares in nurturing a positive and constructive environment that support the education and instruction of our future.

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