Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Smartphones in the Classroom, Part IV

On my soapbox once again encouraging educators to get over the self-induced taboo of having cellphones in the classroom. This is the 21st Century, and every kid in your school has a smartphone device in their possession. Oh yes, there may be a few students that may not, but there are affordable ways to involve all children in using these tools.

In an excellent blogpost by Jennifer Carey, a list of some creative ideas are available for teachers to consider in planning to use smartphones. I expanded the list with others, but would love to hear from other colleagues about their ideas.

  1. In Class Polling and Student Surveys
  2. Backchanneling classroom conversation
  3. Reading handouts and writing short answer quizzes
  4. Doing research
  5. Text alerts and school announcements
  6. Calculator (graphic, scientific, and basic) use
  7. Note taking
  8. Assignment notebook
  9. Geography usage
  10. Astronomy 
Take a jump into the future by getting kids to use the tools of today, not yesteryear.

Carey, Jennifer. Powerful Learning Practice, "Some Ideas About Teaching With Smartphones." Last modified 2012. Accessed November 27, 2012. http://plpnetwork.com/2012/11/21/teaching-smartphones/.