Monday, August 20, 2012

Opening a New School Year

Another school year is about to begin in many parts of the world. "Back to School" sale signs have been out and about since late June or early July, encouraging parents to buy their school supplies, while kids and teachers have been psyching themselves out worrying about another school year.

The opening of any school year is a time of great anxiety, and apprehension. What could certainly be a great opportunity for a school administrator can be seen in how the right tone for starting the school year is necessary. Here are some simple suggestions for adventurous school leaders.

1) Begin the school year with a "Bang!"
Have an exceptional opening day meeting with faculty, and energize the creative juices of the teachers and staff ready to start the school year.

2) Provide a luncheon for everyone on day 1. Even if you have to pay for it yourself. Nothing builds team effort life a meal.

3) Have a small gift for each employee, such as a coffee mug, a pen, a pin; something to remind them of why they are an important part of the team.

4) Greet each and every employee at the opening day, and make sure you shake a hand, give a hug, and look them in the eyes telling them how special they really are to the school.

5) Lastly, make all of your faculty meetings special, fun, and team oriented.

Schools will survive in the future beyond the testing nonsense, and what will be remembered will be the sense of camaraderie, team work, and sense of family that will be important features of a learning community.

Have a great school year!