Friday, May 18, 2012

Graduation or Masquerading?

Many things change in education as times goes on, but some things always remain a constant. One in particular is the idea of graduation, the proverbial ceremony when academic degrees and diplomas are symbolically given to students that have passed the tests, ran the obstacle course of programs and studies, and have successfully made it across the finish line of knowledge.

There was a time when this honored ceremony was a sacred moment in the lives of students and parents, as well as the faculty and trustees of the academic community bestowing the diploma. The official donning of academic robes may just be a vestige of medieval characteristics and circumstances but it did stand for something at one time, and for some people it still stands for something time-honored, serious, and special.

Unfortunately, colleges and high schools have let this tradition wallow in despair and disgrace when standards are cheapened. For instance, allowing students to walk through the ceremony even though they failed the program. Or, allowing students to denigrate and deface their academic attire to display their personal mockery of the ceremony and it's traditions.

For some of us that have accrued the robes and adornments of advanced college degrees it is insulting to witness this aberration and abomination of something that is held so highly esteemed as a graduation ceremony. It would be better to have people opt out of attending if that is how they truly feel about the process.

To graduate is to move on. I can only hope moving on is worth more to people then tuning out.

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