Saturday, January 28, 2012

Desire is greater than having something...

Desiring is greater than having
Since we were children, the act of wanting or desiring something always outweighed having or possessing it. Think back to those days when you wanted that one thing in your life, more than anything else. When you were lucky enough to own it, how fast did you forget about it?

The same can be said about recent political rhetoric requiring schools to compel students to remain until 18 to achieve a HS diploma. The dream of everyone graduating and being prepared for life is a wonderful dream, but is it doable?

As a former HS principal I can think of many kids that couldn't do it. They struggled with discipline issues, with learning in general, and were bored with everything schools offered. They lacked the tenacity and educational persistence to stay with it and complete their education.

To require these students to remain until 18 exasperates the issues our schools face. Sure, all educators want all kids to complete their HS education, but you cannot force it on the few students that have not bought into it.

The resources that would be needed to hold these kids accountable would be insurmountable. And, who will pay this bill?

We all love dreams. We all desire great things. But, there comes a time when dreaming and wanting carries too great a price that prevents us from actually possessing it.

The President would be better off brainstorming with real educators to figure out how to create a practical dream that could make a significant difference for kids.

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