Monday, January 2, 2012


Well, we are now over the hump of a new calendar year. 2012 has begun, and we have hopefully completed the long and draining holiday hype that began November 1, 2011 ushering in a new calendar year of hopeful success and challenges. 

This morning I caught this tweet from Tony Robbins that seemed inspirational in forming a renewed outlook for 2012:  


What an exciting way to perceive the start for a hopeful start as 21st Century School Leaders. 

Be curious:  start asking questions and inquire what your teachers are thinking, doing and reflecting.

Be bold:  try something new, daring, and different. If you have never experimented with Twitter as a feedback tool for families, students, community members, make it something you do as a new resolution for 2012.

Be faith-filled:  anyone who leads people in organizations must have a faith-based model of inspiration and values. Whether the model comes from the Bible, Koran, Dharma, Stephen Covey, John Wayne, Regis Philbin or from an inspirational movie, prioritize your values; live by a statement of belief and reflect this model in your decision-making and the care you offer your teachers, students, and parents.

Be decisive: nothing frustrates an organization more than a lack of decisiveness; a lack of commitment and movement. Yes, a bad decision may tarnish the emotional bank account from faculty and parents, but at least you will reflect a commitment to a plan of action. And, if it was a bad decision, admit it, show your humanity, learn from it and move on. Your organization will admire you for that.

Be courageous, strong, authentic: as a leader you are a unique individual that needs to work with people, not against them. A courageous leader has the strength to admit failure when a mistake is made. An authentic leader has the strength to listen to people in order to learn, reflect, and understand their concerns, ideas, and feedback.

Be playful: be humorous often and in as many ways as you can find. People love to laugh. They want to smile and have fun in their workplace or learning environment. Create a humorous weekly newsletter. Be bold enough to make a funny remark at a serious moment, and be willing to look ridiculous in order for your organization to discover your humanity and be inspired by you.

Be grateful:  learn to say thank you, often and at every possible opportunity. A favorite phrase I used often in many of my communications with the faculty became a catch phrase that others adapted, as well:

"Thank you for all you do for the children of this community." 

And, the last component of this resolution "Be". Live life to the fullest, and incorporate your actions and beliefs into a commitment for an inspired model of learning for your school community.

Have a great 2012.
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